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My husband had a business partner round for a meal for one night and after dinner we sat down for a drink. John was a distinguished appearance in chapter fifty years, very attractive and fit. We laughed and joked and talked about his divorce from his wife ran off with a younger guy. He congratulated me on my dress and it looks and how I envied my husband, after being on their own for a long time. I was very flattered and excited by the attention easily. My husband joked that I had my rough side and asked for my shame to John for more information. My husband told her about my tendency to use the provocative underwear when I got dressed and my zeal for a few erotic fantasies. John took me to some answers, even as he poured a glass of wine. I wanted to know my favorite color of underwear and wear what I like best. I said it was black and I had was my favorite - a black lace basque, stockings and garters. He said he shared my taste and I like to see in justMy husband knows that joked after that, probably, to show whether they have the pandamovies opportunity. John encouraged me and told me he would like to see and photograph, and I in beautiful lingerie. I agreed with one condition, that the images were of good taste. He plunged into his briefcase and pulled out a digital camera and expensive. 'Ready when you' he said enthusiastically. ' Then go,' encouraged husband, 'I want to see the ' when I got up and left the room in which the regulator denied that the place was very dark, but light enough lamp and candles. I went to the kitchen and with trembling hands opened his coat and left him. I trembled with emotion as I do in my Basque black lace, lace stockings and suspenders standing. My breasts increased 34 quater, and we have shown for pandamovies the rate pandamovies of momentum of the company, my nipples rock hard with excitement and shapely legs were in black silk stockings. I returned to the room and made my entrance. ' Taaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaaah ' said a step in the diMLY -lit room. John almost fell from his seat in surprise. My husband Sat bulging eyes, when John asked me to make different poses, firing his camera. I bent over, leaned over and placed in a standing position. After a few minutes I sat on the couch with my husband for a drink. My husband leaned over to kiss my neck and before I knew they were kissing pandamovies like crazy, my hands and running through my body. I was so excited excited for this moment. John asked if he could sit next to me and take a little more and I mumbled yes. Hubby had his hands and kissing clips in the crotch of my Basque. Cleverly re-opened with one finger and stroked my clit pandamovies and wet pussy. I was mad with pandamovies lust. I felt John approached me, and turned to shake his hand as deftly plays the husband in my pussy. Before I knew I had my hands Basque undone, exposing my breasts firm and John began to suck my nipples erect. I was sweet on the back couch and pandamovies my husband looked down at my throbbing clitlips, tongue hanging out, playing it, while John skillfully licking my nipples between kissed me deeply. I was ecstatic incredible. My hand slipped into the groin of John and I felt his hardness and breathless. I encouraged him to make his pants undone and was removed shortly. My husband took off his clothes and sat down pandamovies to lick and suck my vagina and clitoris. My sense of the enormous difficulty of John and when he rose as if deep in my mouth. I sucked huge cock and a time of massive shuddered as an orgasm ripped through me. I became in my hands and knees and as I sucked John Hubby, teasing his cock in my pussy. They changed places and I like my husband was in my mouth, pushed John throughout his eight inches in me. I gasped and choked at the same time. Both keys hit me, and I thought I would burst with joy. When John pushed harder and faster, moaning my husband more and more as I continued to lick ad suck. A few minutes I began pandamovies to tremble as I cut another orgasm. Both men moved quickly, and all joined in a huge cry. For the rest of the night, we moved, but that's another story. At least it was a fantasy come true.
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